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Art Konrad

"Art Konrad works impeccably, takes feedback well, and keeps driving toward solutions. He is highly competent at working with (or managing) a team and the state of the art of research. At a personal level, Art is high energy, enthusiastic, yet even-keeled. He is warm-hearted, sincere, has high integrity, extreme resourcefulness and dedication, and yet he is modest to a fault. We recommend him profoundly and he is truly an extraordinary person."
-Rick H., PhD. and Rick M., M.D. (psychologist and neurologist collaborators with Connexion Tutoring)

Art Konrad graduated from UC Berkeley with a Cognitive Science degree and an emphasis in Neuroscience and how the brain learns.  The name “Connexion” reflects his desire to integrate cutting-edge neuroscience research (“connecting” neural learning pathways in the brain) with a genuine tutoring experience.  He attended MCDS in Corte Madera and Lick Wilmerding High School in San Francisco and has had a very intimate experience with Bay Area education and programs.  He knows how much is demanded of students these days and experienced a first-hand lack of quality tutoring support when he was in school.  In fact he found some of the local Bay Area SAT courses actually lowered his SAT scores because of their inability to speak directly to the individual’s needs.

He has been a tutor for many years independently, with tutoring agencies, and directly at schools such as Martin Luther King Elementary.  He taught a very popular class at UC Berkeley to 300 students and has also developed education websites such as the “Universe Adventure” to help teach astrophysics to students.

Art has been involved in many research opportunities to help understand the learning process and better the lives of students.  He was a co-researcher on an ADHD study at Albany Middle School and is currently working on implementing programs to alleviate student stress and violence in San Francisco schools.

There are tools, techniques and tutors available that can immensely help students in their academic journey.  It is Art’s mission to make the dreams of our children accessible through our team of neighborhood mentors and tutors-  Connexion Tutoring.


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