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Spring Tutoring Newsletter Quarterly News
March 2008

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our newly designed Quarterly Newsletter!

We have some exciting news to tell you about in this

issue.  First we would like to unveil to you our new

programs.  Secondly, we would like to introduce an article

section dedicated to linking Science and Tutoring.  And

lastly, we would like to put the spotlight on one of our

exceptional tutors, whose accomplishments are truly a

testament to the kind of wonderful people we are

fortunate enough to have working for us.


Our Programs!
Unique Options for Different Needs

Over the past few months, we have been coming up with new additions to our existing private

tutoring service, in order to create flexibility that can meet our students' and families' changing

needs. Below is a snapshot of our new options (please call us for more information on how we

can implement these services for you!)  

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   -Study Halls

       -Access to premier educational software

    -Weekend homework office hours

    -Small group tutoring and workshops

       -Homework help hotline

       -Weekly parent consultations

       -AOL Instant Messenger homework help

    -The College Cornerstones Program

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Reach your highest potential with this new value-rich program designed to
boost your chances for college acceptance. With college admissions becoming
more and more competitive, we now offer our students a complete package that
addresses each part of the process step-by-step.
Students Will Receive:
-10 hours of SATI/SATII prep
-10 hours of academic tutoring
-3 hours of college counseling
-3 hours of application help
-4 hours of essay guidance
Parents Will Receive:
-Progress reports following every session with        the tutor
-A discount from our standard rates
-Weekly consultation with Connexion Tutoring        administrator

Founder's Corner
NeuroTutoring: Recent Research in Tutoring

"The Secret in Education Lies in Respecting the Student" -Emerson
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Hello! My name is Art Konrad, founder of Connexion

Tutoring, and I would like to introduce this new addition

to our quarterly newsletter. The "Founder's Corner" will

be dedicated to reporting latest advances in

Neuroscience with an effort to bridge modern science

and education. While we must be careful not to make

grand, or even irresponsible conclusions, we seek to

find a balance that will give us a better understanding of

how "the organ of learning works." We hope this

section will help our entire team of tutors,

administrators, and families dynamically refine the

tutoring experience in a holistic and individualized


This Spring issue is dedicated to the importance of developing a strong student-tutor relationship.
In the following published abstract we read how research has identified, "Mutual trust,
engagement, respect, and accepting responsibilities" as essential to successful tutoring. Students
have much more to gain when they are not being lectured, or taught in a linear, textbook way.
Our tutors are educators because they care about helping students, and understand the need to
become a teammate and a mentor, not just a tutor. Tutor and student should also prepare for
each session in advance to make the most of their time together. Let us come together in our
tutoring efforts to support each student from all directions and inspire a love of learning that all of
us have inside.

Personal tutor encounters: understanding the experience.
Dobinson-Harrington A.

University, St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, London.

To investigate the lived experience of the 'support' relationship between students and their
personal tutors.

The study illuminated the complexity and skill required to be a tutee and a
tutor. Tutors' individual support style reflected tutees'
expectations and perceptions to varying
degrees. A positive experience by
tutees and tutors was perceived when each had a shared
understanding of
the support concept. Mutual trust, engagement, respect and accepting
responsibilities were important elements of the personal tutor and tutee

PMID: 16964774 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Tutor Spotlight:  Jana Freeman 

Now, allow us to introduce Jana Freeman, our spotlight Tutor for this edition of our

newsletter. Jana is a graduate of Yale University, where she obtained a BA in History,

with a focus on the History of Science and Medicine. She received multiple accolades

for her academic achievement, and stood out amongst a very talented student body.

While at Yale, Jana found the time to lead her volleyball team, as the Captain, to its

first Ivy League Championship since 1978! Her other activities at Yale included

leading Yale's Big Brothers / Big Sisters Program.


After college, Jana took her interest in health and medicine to Buenos Aires,

Argentina, where she led HIV/AIDS prevention workshops and helped to spread public

awareness through the local communities. She returned to the states and

immediately enrolled in John Hopkins University's Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical


Jana Freeman Picture


Now residing in San Francisco, Jana is working at one of the city's health clinics,

while she prepares for the MCAT examination and helps several Connexion students

work toward their own eventual goals and dreams. She says that she enjoys helping

her students not only improve academically, but also develop confidence and

self-esteem as they approach their early adulthoods. She is relationship oriented and

forms quick bonds with her students, allowing them to feel comfortable and secure in

an academic setting.


When Jana is not studying, tutoring, or working at the health clinic, you might find

her playing volleyball or relaxing on the beach. A wonderful tutor and a wonderful

person, we are lucky to have Jana Freeman on our staff!

Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of The Connexion Tutoring
Newsletter. We deeply appreciate your continued confidence in us, and we will
continue to provide you with the best tutoring service available.
Best Wishes,
Art Konrad & David Shamszad

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Connexion Tutoring - P.O. Box 150875 - San Rafael CA 94915
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5643 Paradise Drive Suite 4 - Corte Madera CA 94925

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