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Independent Tutors
Choosing an independent tutor who doesn’t work for a tutoring service or center is unreliable. At most schools, anyone can be placed on a list of tutors. Yet there are many unqualified tutors, some who mean well but haven’t mastered the material, and others who take advantage of students and their parents. In either case, the student is likely to be confused by poor instruction that can make it more difficult to learn the material in the future. It is difficult to gauge how well someone can tutor and what experience he or she has unless you conduct your own interview, skills testing, and reference and background checks.

Tutoring Centers
Tutoring Centers usually match groups of three or more students with tutors. Tutors must often work with multiple students on multiple subjects at the same time. It’s also rare that students will work with the same tutors each time. With less personalized attention and little flexibility to study other subjects or explore the material more broadly, a student’s progress may be limited. Most centers also require long-term contracts, can cost twice as much, and require you to travel to them. At Connexion Tutoring, we reject this ad-hoc style of tutoring and offer you an accessible, flexible and individualized tutoring alternative.

Similar Tutoring Services
There are some legitimate services like ours who care about helping students. While it is certainly possible to find good tutors at other services, these services do not always perform background checks on their tutors to ensure their qualifications. At Connexion Tutoring, our goal is to raise the bar for tutoring standards. Because we accept only the most qualified tutors, treat them professionally and pay them better than the competition does, you are assured of getting the best tutors and the best choice.

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