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We tutor all subjects K-12 and come to you throughout the bay area!

We find you clients, do all the marketing, provide customer service, and handle the money issues, payment authorizations, insurance, and more. We provide the reputation and business support so you can focus on helping your students gain confidence and success.

For the most part, all you have to do is show up and tutor.

We provide professional support, with experienced tutors who can guide you through all aspects of tutoring and assist you with any subject-matter problem. Please refer to the “Resources for Tutoring” document you will receive once you join the team.

We know the market. We can get you a steady flow of clients who need help in your subject(s) of expertise.

You choose your hours, days and subjects and may decline any clients.

If you don’t feel comfortable tutoring in all subjects, you can be selective. We will do the work to find you a match.

Great pay! Most tutoring centers charge their clients around $110/hour or more and pay their tutors only $15/hour!

Get paid weekly if you wish.

We could probably pay our tutors half of what we do, but we keep our wages high to send a strong message that we value the qualified professionals who work with us, and treat our team with respect. This is why Connexion Tutoring has some of the best tutors in the Bay-Area, and it’s why they stay with us longer. We believe that the best way to run a business is to find a balance that leaves both employees and clients happy.

People are attracted to an affordable and results-based tutoring service. Your reputation as one of our tutors is highly esteemed and is a good resume builder. Our reputation is your reputation.

We invite you to apply to Connexion and join our team.

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