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We tutor all subjects K-12 and come to you throughout the bay area!
We call our service Connexion Tutoring because we believe that learning is about making connections. We have built our success in tutoring on three fundamental types of connection, our Triad for Success.

1. Connecting students with competent tutors: We start by assessing each student’s needs, and then match him or her with a quality tutor we feel will work well with that student in the areas in which he or she requires support. If we find that the student subsequently requires support in another area, a different tutor can be called in, working alone or even in concert with the current tutor. At Connexion we are a true team, with tutors who bring different strengths and skills for the range of each student’s academic needs.

2. Connecting pathways in the brain: At Connexion, our approach to teaching is augmented by developments in neuroscience. Research has shown that when we learn, new information is “hardwired“ in the brain at the neural level. It is these neural pathways, or “connections” that allow us to learn, remember, and succeed. This gives Connexion tutors a more holistic view of the learning process. For example, although a student may understand a tutor’s explanation of how a problem is solved, we don’t stop there. Once the neurons in the student’s brain have begun to fire in specific pathways, our tutors have the student work through the problem him/herself to reinforce these new pathways, and hardwire success.

3. Connecting students with the knowledge: It can be difficult for students to learn something they can’t identify with. Our tutors bring motivation and immediate relevance to the subject, and do their best to show that learning can be fun or at least useful. They are also sensitive to a student’s individual learning style. By teaching in a way that works for the student – and giving the student a reason to learn – Connexion Tutoring can turn a student around, and give him or her the drive needed to move to the top of the class.

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