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Many tutors simply show up and offer on-the-spot guidance for specific subject topics. While this can be helpful, there is usually no consideration of the wider needs of the student. For instance, does the student know the most important material to work on? Does he or she need help developing a study strategy? Are there underlying, fundamental skills the student is missing in his or her overall study program? The need for a tutor often goes beyond a specific topic or subject.

Connexion tutors care about the student’s success. Our tutors will go above and beyond what is expected of them to support that success. A strategy will be developed to make the most out of each session and bring out the achiever in each student.

We hire only experienced tutors who have demonstrated excellence in their teaching styles. With Connexion Tutoring, you can expect a tutor who is friendly, professional, punctual, and ready to make each student’s success a priority.

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