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With the one-on-one guidance and encouragement from Connexion Tutoring, within a matter of months my son was ready to attempt the GED exam and he passed on the first try! It has been amazing watching his self-esteem blossom as he looks the world in the eye and sees a future full of potential he never thought possible...
Without his GED this dream would have been impossible and without the tutoring he got from Connexion Tutoring he might never have obtained his GED. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, A grateful mother.

-Carmen (mother of student)

Every experience my family's had with Connexion Tutoring has been great since day one. They have very individualized and caring service. My son loves his tutor and has improved in school because of her! He said she is "super-rific". I'm so glad, because it's one of the few areas [academically] he seems to be enjoying these days. He really likes his Connexion tutor and the things she does with him are brilliant. You guys are awesome!
-J.K. (mother of student)

Connexion Tutoring has been an amazing experience. From the students to the management, I couldn�t have asked to work for a more noble company and cause. It paired exceptional tutors with individual students based upon their needs. This allowed the maximum amount of progress and growth for both the tutor and student. I chose to work for Connexion Tutoring based upon their mission statement of equality of education and its importance. They believe in making a difference, and only hire qualified professionals with similar ideals, as to ensure a quality relationship with students and the community.
-Ben (tutor for Connexion)

I was very stressed and confused in my math and physics classes and really didn't know where to turn. I can honestly say that I look forward to my sessions with my tutor as they help me get ahead in the class. Thanks to Connexion, I can enjoy my last year of high school with less worry and strain.
-Betsy (student)

You are all the best and thank you for all you do for my granddaughter. We love your service and I do sing your praises whenever I have the opportunity. How lucky is Christina! Her tutor is wonderful. Thank you again!
-C.B. (grandmother of student)

Thank you so much for helping my daughter with her Chemistry and Algebra!! Not only have you helped her understand the concepts, you have lifted her confidence. Your tutor has a wonderful talent for teaching and we are thrilled that you work us into his schedule. This [testimonial] is a small token of our appreciation.
-Bill and Joy (parents of student)

I am happy to report that my daughter Laura improved her grades from Cs to Bs and then Bs to As. Laura enjoys school more now because she understands all her school work better. She is very motivated to go to college and succeed in her future. Laura's Connexion tutor, Christina, is a great teacher and she always keeps Laura motivated. She teaches Laura about being responsible with her work and to call when she will not be able to make a session. Christina always responds promptly when we have questions for her. For example, when we ask her opinion about certain high schools, she sends us information right away with the school's webpage to research.
-E.A. (mother of student)
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My time with my tutor at Connexion Tutoring was well spent. I was able to come in for a few study sessions, without further commitment, to prepare for a math placement exam. In taking the exam I was very happy to see question after question in the same format as the problems I'd worked on in tutoring!
-Halley (student)

I'm now getting A's and B's on Pre-Calculus tests thanks to Connexion Tutoring. My tutor is very easy to work with, and the way he explains the math makes him easy to understand as well.
-David (student)

I am very impressed with Connexion Tutoring and I am so grateful to have found such solid support. My tutor is professional, reliable and fun. He really knows how to teach the material and is super patient and clear. Thanks!!
-Steph (student)

Connexion Tutoring offers effective tutors who present information in an understandable way.
-Greg (student)

It seems to me that my teachers are trying to teach too much too fast and it's very difficult to not fall behind. My tutor (from Connexion Tutoring) helps me catch up in the class and even goes the extra mile to bring me a level of understanding that I couldn't do alone.
-Zack (student)

My [Connexion] tutor took time to get to know me and help us both better understand my learning style. My grades went up right away, but also he just made me feel better about school and more confident every time we worked together. He always made sure I understood everything before he left and even stayed late when finals got near. I have my grades back up to A's, and I now know how to keep them there. I was looking for a good tutor, and Connexion gave me a coach, mentor and friend.
-E.S. (student)

My son, Brent, is bright but was struggling with trigonometry and basic algebra because it was "boring". Fortunately, my wife and I made the right decision by choosing Connexion Tutoring. Your representative took the time to develop rapport with Brent while making the exercises fun. The improvement became evident very early in the tutoring process and Brent now actually thinks math is "cool". Go figure! Thanks.
-K.P. (father of student)

Connexion Tutoring is a comfortable and honest organization. Their tutors are very friendly and the whole process is easy.
-Anne (mother of two students)

My Connexion tutor uses specific techniques like reviewing on a background level to support general understanding, and he also uses techniques which would aid the visual, audio, and hands-on learner. He keeps me engaged while tutoring by asking questions to check for understanding.
-Whitney (student)

Our Connexion Tutor has been a wonderful motivator for my son Josh. He has been able to get Josh to actually study and make flashcards and not just prepare for a test the night before! We have been very happy with the service!
-G.R. (mother of student)

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